A spa in the clear air of the mountains, nestled amidst verdant greens, is a panacea for the soul, rejuvenation for the mind and body and a way of connecting to nature.

Concept note

The essence of a good spa experience is solitude, quiet and a feeling of being with one natural surroundings. architecturally the brief is therefore to create a sheltered space without the sense of a heavy built form; an almost seamless connection to the natural beauty of the site.

Built form

The building has been envisaged as a basic structure of walkways around large and small courtyards much like traditional havelis built around an aangan and of rectangular transparent boxes that look on to the valley view in front of them. with a large part of the roof transparent, the connection to the blue sky above is also maintained.
In an attempt to mimic the sense of being under a canopy of trees in a jungle, we have created a light metal structure with bamboo pergolas criss-crossing across creating patterns of light, shade, shadow and filtering the light and view of the sky above.


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