The beautiful landscape seen from each and every point on the site is a huge inspiration for a painter’s artistic mind. However, the very act of painting requires the painter to also draw inspiration from within himself…!

Concept note

We have designed the painter’s studio as a place that the painter can “retreat into”, go within himself- hence a place that’s beautifully lit with natural light, but solid walls behind the easels- so that the painters can lose themselves completely to the art.

Built form

The organic form of the building springs from an innate desire of a creative person’s instincts to reject all rules- and be free- to create something unimagined before- hence the plan is organic and free flowing, a single space that curves into private alcoves and spaces, yet is fluid and continuous…strategically placed boulders and rocks around the building also help integrate the form into the landscape.. almost like an outgrowth from the hill itself.
The skylights bring in beautiful light, tilting towards the north to get glare free light. the entire building is envisaged as a pure white pristine structure flooding with light. a perfect and peaceful backdrop to bring forth the chaotic, frenzied creativity of the painters.



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