Photography by its very nature is a quintessentially an outdoor, mobile and often solitary activity. Given the beautiful surroundings of the site and the views it offers from every nook and corner, its unlikely that the photographers there would stick to a single place indoors for too long.

Concept note

The studio hence has to function like a “watering hole” a hub for wandering photographers to collect, discuss exploits, inspire each other and basically recharge for their next adventure. We have planned it with a spacious lounge with large uninterrupted views. And deep verandahs. A separate space acts like a gallery/exhibition space for impromptu events or work shops.

Built form

The built form is boxy and rectilinear. An open staircase takes you up to a “machaan like space” overlooking the landscape in all directions. The circular opening of the entrance is an abstract, Tongue-in cheek homage to the camera lens- the “eye of the photographer”.



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